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About the Free School







We are delighted to answer any questions you have on this page.

Who is the sponsor of this school?
The Sponsor is the E-Act Group, a successful education sponsor with a track record.

When will the process be complete?
We don't have any of this information and we cannot guarantee completion, everything depends on how the proposals and consultations go

How can I be assured this is best for my child, my family and my neighbourhood?
We have a track record in not only matching, but beating state school statistics. We allow your child to reach his or her full potential.

If you have ANY other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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The Sponsor

The proposed Free School will be sponsored by E-ACT Free Schools Trust (registered charity number 7610574), part of the E-ACT group (registered charity number 1124189). E-ACT is a highly successful Academy sponsor with Academy sponsor with ... More...

Principal appointed

Nicola Percy will take on the role of Principal at the new Primary Free School in Redbridge this August. Highly experienced in working in a range of contexts and settings in UK and British Forces schools... More...

Community Steering Group

Community Steering Group meeting:
5pm – 6pm
Monday 4th July 2011

The Downshall Centre, Redbridge,
Seven Kings
IG3 8HZ... More...

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